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What up Colson Kelly! Thanks for taking the time to chop it up wit me!

Colson Kelly
For sure! Love to discuss what happening in the music industry.

Could you introduce yourself to whom ever may be reading this? Who’s Colson Kelly and what
does he do?

Colson Kelly
Yeah! I’m a music producer that’s been parsing the Lord with what I’m doing for about 2
years. I’m only 14 although have work endlessly at my craft, trying to develop into a top-
notch producer. It’s difficult work but I truly think the Lord has called me to do this.

Wow 14 years old! I think I got started when I was about 16 or 17….but thats good, to
start and learn early! How did you get into making beats or production?

Colson Kelly
I’ve been playing piano for around 7 years and guitar for 3. I’ve always loved music but
found out about hip-hop production at 12. My boy Brendon “Shades” Fortener introduced me to
music production and I’ve been hooked ever since

Oh ok ok….musician first…with that, who would be your musical influences and who really
makes you want to make beats?

Colson Kelly
I listen to lots of Lecrae, Kanye, Dj Khaled, NF, and Lil Wayne. My most inspiration comes
from instrumentals from producers such as Gawvi, Mad Zach, and Dj Mustard. As my drive to
make beats, that mainly comes from myself. I feel I need to show what the Lord’s done and
the best way for me to do that is to work with Christian artists that will share the

Alrighty, would you say you would be intrigued or interested to go back and study producers
who came before Kanye, Gawvi and or a Dj Mustard?

Colson Kelly
Yeah. I appreciate all eras of hip-hop and the different flavors they bring to the table.
With that said, I haven’t really since I’ve only listened to the genre for a few years and
tend to listen to the new school. Much respect to folks like Jay Z, Nas, and others who
brought the genre to the mainstream🏼

Whom have you worked with?

Colson Kelly
I’ve collab with my boy I mention before “shades”, Nick Gmerek, Lance Offield, PROfound,
and Illijam to name a few. I’m currently working on some new collabs with other producers
such as Dre Knowss

The folks at Sound H are making a lot of noise for sure! What are your tools to make beats?

Colson Kelly
I use my Privia Keyboard and MPD18 all midi sounds, along with live electric and acoustic
guitars. For my DAW, I use Logic Pro X. I also work with my Numark Mixtrack (DJ Turntable)
for special effects

Whats your process in the studio while creating…do you have to be in a specific
mood…have eaten some kind of special pizza lol

Colson Kelly
Well, I always got my lava lamp goin and my blue lighting that is keeping me going but
recently, I’ll go workout then after I get back, knock out a banger which gets my fluids in
the right place. I also never usually work before 7:00 pm

Any artist you would like to or plan or working with? What would be a dream placement?

Colson Kelly
I’m currently working on some stuff for NF whom I’ll be meeting later this month. My dream
would be to work with the 116 group and be an executive producer for them. Kind of like
Gawvi was till he got signed.

Any other artists or genres you would like to work in? Being a musician as well, least for
me that would be some territory Id like to explore…

Colson Kelly
Definitely! I always love to work in different areas of music, I think it’d be great to
work on cinematic music also. For movies or something. For right now, I’m sticking with the
hip-hop community. Once I complete it, maybe I’ll adventure out into something like that!!

Word! What can we expect from you in the future? Any other things in the works?

Colson Kelly
As always, you can expect hard work and dedication. Except maybe some lyrics? Not me laying
bars but I might start selling lyrics along with my tracks. If an artist is having trouble
writing something. Also, A LOT of collabs. I love working with others to further develop a
sense of how other people view a track.

Alright Col, thanks again for taking the time b! God bless bruh!

Colson Kelly
No prob! Same to you!


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