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Dre! Whats happening! Thanks for getting with me bruh! Could you introduce yourself to the
folks who may be reading this? Who is Dre Knows and what does he do?

Dre Knowss
What’s up Bro! It is no problem glad we connected. I am a Christian producer signed to the
company SoundH Productions LLC, in Richmond, VA. I draw, do graphics, write, produce, cut
hair, and most importantly I love God, and everything that I do. I do what I do for God!

A true jack of all trades huh, thats good! How long have you been at it making beats? How
did you get into it?

Dre Knowss
I have been making beats since 2012. My Senior year in High School I am now 22 and still
trying to pursue it ad do it full time. I got into it because I have always loved music,
and I was curious on how to make it. I know a few producers prior to the time I started
producing that made me want to try it and create my own sound.

Since 2012, may I ask who you have worked with?

Dre Knowss
Yessir. I just started submitting my work out like 2 years ago. Not too many people, but I
have a chance to work with Shiwan, Dorian Grey, Mel Major fka Genesis Tha Protege, Dwight
Junior, Stunna 700, Kevin Ross, Jordan Nitchoff, Kaylon, etc.
I have a couple placements that are still pending or haven’t been released yet.

Thats good, youll find yourself in a great situation moving on….we all have to climb the
ladders and run the marathon. What do you use to produce? Whats in your arsenal?

Dre Knowss
I love making R&B types of tracks heavy on the Piano and synths, and using trap drums. And
808/Subs. But I generally can make just about any kind of track..never tried EDM, or
Dubstep tho. Lol not really my type of music. Haha
lol its all good.

Stacks on stacks for sounds lol so no midi controllers or drum machines?

Dre Knowss
Oh yes. I deff use Midi, never used a drum machine yet bro but. I love live sounds too. But
my comfort zone would be Trap drums.

Whats your process when making a beat? Do you have to catch a vibe or have a certain thing
happen for you to work?

Dre Knowss
I usually start off wiry a few melodies then work my way to the drums preferably the snares
& kicks 1st. I like working in the dark the most. I mix the beat as I go. I don’t know why
but I just like the vibe just me and my music lol. I also pray before and after I make a
beat most times. God always shows me new things I can do or should have done when I go back
on it.

Every architect has their way….any artist you would like to or plan on working with?

Dre Knowss
Yessir! & Yes. Aaron Cole, Mission, This’ l, Levi Hensin, Bizzle, Andy Mineo, Swoope,
jGivens, John Givez, Dream Junkies as a whole, etc.

What can we expect from you in the future? I know you don’t just stick to one thing so may
I ask if there’s other projects in the works? Writing…… Designs……etc…

Dre Knowss
Well as of now, I actually have a project I am working on right now. Getting artist on a
few beats, trying to release it the 1st week of January. Project is called ‘Vibez’ and
releasing it under my name to promo my music and the artist that are on the project.
Excited for it. And this year coming up I plan on releasing at least one song with me
rapping. Not a lot of people know that about me but I actually do enjoy rapping when I’m
goofing off while making beats. Haha.

Thats dope bro! You gotta send me an exclusive copy of em joints! Alrighty Dre, thanks for
chopping it up with me. Shout out to Ray Baker! God bless ya!

Dre Knowss
Thank you bro. And I deff will. I have a few tracks done. I will send you something. And
amen S/O to the big Homie Ray for the opportunity! Thank you for the interview God Bless


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